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NAZO CELAJ - He is a famous characteristic popular singer with a lot of prices in different contests in Albania and more performances over the world. He is the principal soloist of the group with a sweet and strong tenor voice. His role in the four voices structural composition of the polyphony of Laberia Region is “ The Taker” – The taker is he who sings the principal theme or melody . He is even the player of the The Double Flute, a characteristic instrument of Laberia Region.

HYSO XHAFERAJ - He is a virtuoso and characteristic popular sweet tenor voice who sings in the National Ensemble Of Popular Songs and Dances, with many appearances in major national performances and in many concerts abroud. His role is “ The Thrower”, a typical component who makes some ornamentations and on the tonal and harmonic plane he stays above the melody and creates beautiful colors and gives light to the song. Sometimes he makes even the role of “ The Breaker” , I’ll explain it wit the next component, with the difference that he sings an octave upper than the normal breaker.

EDMOND LILA - A lyric tenor voice, with a long experience like an opera singer of Tirana Opera House before, and in various theaters in Italy and all over the world. His role is “ The breaker” or “The Cutter” which consists in the breaking or cutting of the melody, becoming so the rhythmic engine of the song. In some cases alternate the role with “The Thrower”, as I explained upper. Sometimes he makes the “Taker” in the “Toske” songs with three voices, end sometimes the soloist in the citizen songs of Korҫa, Shkodra, Berati ( Albanian cities) or Arbereshe ( Old Albanian community in Italy).

DIONIS DELIA - Another lyric tenor voice, singer of the Tirana Opera House. He is the Soloist of the north ( Malesorҫe) songs playing the (Ҫifteli) typical instrument with only two strings. He makes also the soloist in the citizen songs, and also role of “ Iso” or “ Bourdon” a continuous sound that is the tonal ( or basic) sound of the musical accord ( the first grade).

LUAN SULA - A lyric baritone voice, also a long experience lice singer of Tirana Opera Hause. He also, makes the soloist in the citizen songs and the role of the “ Iso”

ERVIN KASTRATI - A lyric bass-baritone voice of Tirana Opera House. His role is the “ Iso” and the soloist in the citizen songs.